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Peru is home to some of the best food in the World.    In particular, their exotic fruits, herbs and spices, not to mention their fish dishes like Ceviche and the amazing roasted chicken Pollo a la Brasa. All of these dishes are served with Chicha Morada.


The traditional method is boiling pineapple, apple, cinnamon and cloves. Then cooled down and lime juice is added with sugar. Resulting in a robust cinnamony, decadent sweet flavour, unlike anything else.

In 2012 we travelled all over Peru and discovered Chicha Morada. Sold at almost every restaurant and cafe.

We were unable to buy any Chicha Morada in the UK so this fuelled our passion to re-create that delicious, authentic taste at home. We started selling home-made Chicha Morada and other drinks at food festivals all over the UK.  A recipe given to us by our family in Peru.



Bazi Quintanilla Del Mar

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