The Perfect Serve

The Original Cocktail.

50ml Pisco.

1 Egg White

Handful of Ice.

25ml Passion Fruit Juice.

Add amount of Cordial to your liking. Put it all in a shaker without the ice and dry shake, then add the ice and shake again quite vigorously.


Fine strain into a glass.

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The Original​ (Frozen)

200ml Cordial.

400ml Water.

Handful of Ice (300g)

Add all ingredients into a blender and blitz for 30 seconds.

Pour into a glass, serve with slice of lime.

3-4 servings.


                                                   The Guild of Fine Food Review


This cordial has a very intense aroma. A fruity, perfumed aroma that delivers a sweetness. The taste is of cloves and pineapple, intriguing because of their balance. A surprising note of cinnamon registers at the end – again, just a nuance and not aggressive. This is a refreshing, lightly spiced fruity drink with a low level of sugar sweetness, which is both pleasing and a bit different.

This is an unusual taste that won't be for every palate. Nonetheless, it packs an exceptional burst of flavour. The sweetness and acidity are well balanced and it leaves a clean, natural finish. With a bit of experimentation, this could create an extremely refreshing beverage.

A vibrantly purple liquid with an aroma of cloves, this is an interesting drink which seems to be all about the pineapple and cloves with the finish bringing the cinnamon into play.